Membership in the Healthcare Student’s Association, HSA connects you with valuable resources. It does not only provide great opportunities to network with Healthcare executives and other Healthcare players, but also gives you free access to all HSA events, where you can meet our guest speakers, participate in workshops, or get exclusive access to volunteer at events like the ACHE breakfast sessions, the ACHE Conference and more. All of these events are designed to give you more exposure to the healthcare world, help you to know the right people and get you started on your career path.

Exclusive Member benefits

Member meetings and guest speaker events at the TMC are open to all Health-Administration students. Upcoming topics will focus on:

  • Boosting your resume – What your resume should look like for successful applications.
  • Training your elevator pitch.
  • Making your interview outstanding – What to do and not to do in your interview.
  • Networking – How to network successfully – Get a short “how-to” and start training your networking skills!

HSA membership also connects you with a number of volunteering opportunities, especially at ACHE events. You will have to be a (student) member of ACHE to take those opportunities. ACHE provides these opportunities to HSA and other universities’ student organizations exclusively.

Membership Dues

We have new membership fee regulations starting Fall 2016:-

  • A yearly membership fee of $35 is due every August (beginning Fall semester and ending Summer semester of next year).
  • For members joining in Summer or Spring semesters:-
  1. Entry in January (beginning Spring semester and ending Summer semester of current year) => $25
  2. Entry in June (beginning and ending Summer Semester of current year) => $10

Register at HSA Member Registration Form to become an HSA member. And: Don’t forget to pay your membership dues!

If you have any questions regarding membership, dues, or membership benefits, do not hesitate to contact us at



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