HSA Member List Spring 2018

Wilma Lobo mercede_s80@hotmail.com
Neha Singh neha44bp@gmail.com
Neida Juarez arly1996@yahoo.com
Grace Itiowe graceitiowe@yahoo.com
Taha Gilani tahagilani@hotmail.com
Boma Ajiboye Boma06@gmail.com
Ryan Nixon rwnixon1@gmail.com
John Miller John.miller490@gmail.com
Seher Munivar smunivar@gmail.com
Ashlee Speaks ashleespeaks@aggienetwork.com
Atheer Alshahrani Atheer.a.alshahrani@gmail.com
Lindsey Anton lindsyaanton@gmail.com
Jeanne Traore TraoreJ2205@uhcl.edu
Michelle Mendez michelledmendez1@gmail.com
Sukirti Misra sukirti.misra@gmail.com
Bernadette Villarreal b.villarreal79@gmail.com
Tuba Kamal tuba.kamal@outlook.com
Ebakole Igboin abyigboin@gmail.com
Christian Valverde cvalverde2015@gmail.com
Brenda Valverde bgm.cmv@gmail.com
Emmanuel Boateng eboatengbeks@yahoo.com
Audrey Payne audrfeg70@hotmail.com
Shantel Moore shantel073@yahoo.com
Janie Ochoa OchJan05@gmail.com
Rick Owen rowenemail@gmail.com
Claudia Neumann claudia.neumann108@gmail.com
Luis Hernandez a7xfanist@hotmail.com
Y Nhi Pham ynhipham92@yahoo.com

Published by HSA (UHCL)

Our mission is to be the avenue for students to stay connected with the HADM program and upcoming professional events. We encourage member development by networking with students, faculty, and administrative professionals. Officially recognized September 29, 2017. President: Kaagan Powers VP of Marketing & Communications: Andrew A. Mendoza UHCL Advisor: Ashish Chandra, PhD

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