HSA Constitution Updates Spring 2018

(1) “Probationary Membership” under Article III is removed.
(2) Revision in paragraph 2 under Article IV to bar officers from other student organizations from being officers in HSA due to conflict of interest.
(3) Bylaw Article 1.1 AND 1.2 sections (b) removes “Curriculum Committee Meetings, General Faculty meetings, Associates Advisory Board Meetings” as part of VP of Operations and President’s duties.
(4) Bylaw 1.2 section (c) is removed for duties of VP operations. “Meetings, and any additional meetings as called by the Program Director.”
(5) Bylaw 1.3 section (e) is removed for duties of VP of PR. “Maintain and update new member email distribution list with VP of Finance of HSA.”
(6) “Shall attend officer meetings as well as add value” is added to the list of responsibilities for each officer in bylaws.
(7) Bylaw 1.5 section (e) is removed for undergrad rep duty. “Will each be responsible for co-coordinating at least one event with a fellow HSA officer throughout the academic year.”
(8) Bylaw 1.6 section (a) was changed from “2013-2014” to “2017-2018.”
(9) Under Article II, section 2.2 (a) was edited to reflect nomination process being handled by operations.
(10) Under Article II, section 2.3 (a), election time was changed from “month of August” to “start of fall semester.”
(11) Under Article II, section 2.5 (a) and (b), Emergency student body elections for vacant president and other officer positions were changed to placements by executive council.
(12) Article II, section 2.6 on “Committees” was removed.
(13) Article III, section 3.2 (d) was removed. “Members are expected to make their best effort to be involved in committees.”
(14) Article IV, section 4.1 (b), summer semester dues information was removed.
(15) Under Article V, section 5.1 (a), the word “encouraged” was added.
(16) Under Article V, section 5.2 (a), the word “shall” was changed to “may.”
(17) Under Article V, section 5.3 (a), information about the “community service project” was removed.
(18) Under Article V, section 5.4 (c), responsibility of meeting minutes was changed from VP of Operations to VP of Finance.
(19) Under Article VI, section 6.1 (i) and (ii), impeachment process changed from active membership involvement to executive council majority vote and faculty advisor approval.
(20) Under Article VIII, section 8.2 (a) iv, ACHE “International Conference” was changed to “any ACHE conference” and points for event changed from 2 to 3.

Published by HSA (UHCL)

Our mission is to be the avenue for students to stay connected with the HADM program and upcoming professional events. We encourage member development by networking with students, faculty, and administrative professionals. Officially recognized September 29, 2017. President: Kaagan Powers VP of Marketing & Communications: Andrew A. Mendoza UHCL Advisor: Ashish Chandra, PhD

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