Dear HSA members and Healthcare Administration Students,
HSA invites you to join us on Wednesday, February 3, 2016, 6 pm conference room #131 at UHCL-TMC campus to welcome our new members, introduce new officers, and discuss what we have in store for HSA this Spring.

We are really excited about our upcoming events and so we encourage you to not miss out. This Spring we will offer volunteer opportunities, social events, and one-to-one interaction sessions with our esteemed fellowship panel. More details will be shared throughout the semester.


Membership and dues 

Please be prepared to pay your $35 annual membership at the meeting; this fee will secure your membership, as well as ensure you receive multiple opportunities to enhance your network and knowledge in the healthcare field.


We want to thank Ashley Milhouse for participating in our HSA/ACHE Involvement survey, and congratulations on winning a free one-year HSA membership for 2016.


HSA Officer Team.

Please continue to periodically check our site for updates on events, and honor chord point opportunities. Questions? E-mail us