HSA Constitution Updates Spring 2018

(1) “Probationary Membership” under Article III is removed.
(2) Revision in paragraph 2 under Article IV to bar officers from other student organizations from being officers in HSA due to conflict of interest.
(3) Bylaw Article 1.1 AND 1.2 sections (b) removes “Curriculum Committee Meetings, General Faculty meetings, Associates Advisory Board Meetings” as part of VP of Operations and President’s duties.
(4) Bylaw 1.2 section (c) is removed for duties of VP operations. “Meetings, and any additional meetings as called by the Program Director.”
(5) Bylaw 1.3 section (e) is removed for duties of VP of PR. “Maintain and update new member email distribution list with VP of Finance of HSA.”
(6) “Shall attend officer meetings as well as add value” is added to the list of responsibilities for each officer in bylaws.
(7) Bylaw 1.5 section (e) is removed for undergrad rep duty. “Will each be responsible for co-coordinating at least one event with a fellow HSA officer throughout the academic year.”
(8) Bylaw 1.6 section (a) was changed from “2013-2014” to “2017-2018.”
(9) Under Article II, section 2.2 (a) was edited to reflect nomination process being handled by operations.
(10) Under Article II, section 2.3 (a), election time was changed from “month of August” to “start of fall semester.”
(11) Under Article II, section 2.5 (a) and (b), Emergency student body elections for vacant president and other officer positions were changed to placements by executive council.
(12) Article II, section 2.6 on “Committees” was removed.
(13) Article III, section 3.2 (d) was removed. “Members are expected to make their best effort to be involved in committees.”
(14) Article IV, section 4.1 (b), summer semester dues information was removed.
(15) Under Article V, section 5.1 (a), the word “encouraged” was added.
(16) Under Article V, section 5.2 (a), the word “shall” was changed to “may.”
(17) Under Article V, section 5.3 (a), information about the “community service project” was removed.
(18) Under Article V, section 5.4 (c), responsibility of meeting minutes was changed from VP of Operations to VP of Finance.
(19) Under Article VI, section 6.1 (i) and (ii), impeachment process changed from active membership involvement to executive council majority vote and faculty advisor approval.
(20) Under Article VIII, section 8.2 (a) iv, ACHE “International Conference” was changed to “any ACHE conference” and points for event changed from 2 to 3.

HSA Member List Spring 2018

Wilma Lobo mercede_s80@hotmail.com
Neha Singh neha44bp@gmail.com
Neida Juarez arly1996@yahoo.com
Grace Itiowe graceitiowe@yahoo.com
Taha Gilani tahagilani@hotmail.com
Boma Ajiboye Boma06@gmail.com
Ryan Nixon rwnixon1@gmail.com
John Miller John.miller490@gmail.com
Seher Munivar smunivar@gmail.com
Ashlee Speaks ashleespeaks@aggienetwork.com
Atheer Alshahrani Atheer.a.alshahrani@gmail.com
Lindsey Anton lindsyaanton@gmail.com
Jeanne Traore TraoreJ2205@uhcl.edu
Michelle Mendez michelledmendez1@gmail.com
Sukirti Misra sukirti.misra@gmail.com
Bernadette Villarreal b.villarreal79@gmail.com
Tuba Kamal tuba.kamal@outlook.com
Ebakole Igboin abyigboin@gmail.com
Christian Valverde cvalverde2015@gmail.com
Brenda Valverde bgm.cmv@gmail.com
Emmanuel Boateng eboatengbeks@yahoo.com
Audrey Payne audrfeg70@hotmail.com
Shantel Moore shantel073@yahoo.com
Janie Ochoa OchJan05@gmail.com
Rick Owen rowenemail@gmail.com
Claudia Neumann claudia.neumann108@gmail.com
Luis Hernandez a7xfanist@hotmail.com
Y Nhi Pham ynhipham92@yahoo.com

HSA 2017 Finances

Spring 2017
Beginning Balance: $5,857.85
Membership Dues $596.16
General Body Meetings ($43.00)
Social-Candaleris ($120.00)
Ending Balance $4,705.69
Fall 2017
Beginning Balance: $4,705.69
Membership Dues $667.90
General Body Meetings ($194.02)
Social ($164.61)
Hawk Emergency Fund Donation ($1,500.00)
UHCL Giving Tuesday Donation ($10.00)
Honor Cords for Members ($32.48)
Student Conference Reimbursement ($1,244.00)
Balance: $2,228.48

Meet Your 2017-2018 HSA Officers!


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ramona image

Ramona Lobo, President

“Leaders unite people and teams by building trust, not walls”
My name is Ramona Lobo. I was born in Doha-Qatar and I completed my Bachelors in Dental Surgery (B.D.S.) from Bangalore, India. I am currently in the MHA/MBA graduate program at UHCL. Being a dentist and administrative professional, I am knowledgeable in clinical care and skilled in communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution. Healthcare has always been my passion and as an upcoming healthcare professional, I look forward to developing ways to improving patients’ access to early treatment and bringing about operational discipline in practice performances.

neha image (2)

Neha Singh, Vice President of PR & Communications

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”
Hello fellow HADM students. I am  Neha Singh .I am currently pursuing  MHA/MBA at University of Houston Clear Lake.I earned my Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery,from B.P koirala Institute of Health Sciences. My Long term goal is to be an effective Health Care Administrator, providing quality,cost effective and accessible health care services to the community.


Grace Itiowe, Vice President of Operations

A good leader earns the confidence of others through integrity, while balancing sensitivity with responsibility.”
Howdy! Grace Itiowe is my name.I am currently pursuing MHA/MBA at University of Houston Clear Lake. I earned my Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Jos. A profound interest in the Operations of the healthcare system is what  drives my goal to become an outstanding CEO delivering safe and excellent care in the near future.

seher image

Seher Munivar, Vice President of Finance

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”
My name is Seher Munivar.. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a  B.S. in Exercise Science. I am currently receiving an MHA/MBA from the University of Houston Clear Lake. My long term goal is to become a hospital administrator at a pediatric hospital and implement policies that ensure optimal services are provided.

Michelle image (2)

Michelle Mendez, Director of PR & Communications

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.”
My name is Michelle Mendez. I received my Bachelors in Exercise Sport Science from Texas Tech University in 2012. I’m currently pursuing an MHA and hope to one day be force of action in Washington for healthcare reform. In the meantime, I currently work full-time for MedCenter TMJ as an Administrative Assistant and love watching our patients transform after treatment of a life-altering disorder . I enjoy watching college football (Go Red Raiders! WRECK ‘EM!), going to music festivals, and working with my dog, Max, to become a Therapy Pet.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 9.50.05 AM (1)

Taha Gilani, Director of Operations

Hello! I’m Taha.. I migrated to the US in 2009 from a little country called Kuwait. I graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from the University of Houston and am currently pursuing the joint MHA/MBA degree at UH-Clear Lake. I hope to run operations for a major hospital one day and redirect the focus in medicine to patient-centered care. I can’t wait to see what we have in store for the next year!


Neida Juarez, Events Coordinator

“First rule of leadership: everything is your fault.” – A Bug’s Life
My name is Neida Juarez, I am the event planner of HSA. I am currently enrolled at ACC to obtain my Associates of Applied Science in Neurodiagnostics Technology, and  I am also enrolled at UHCL to obtain my Bachelors of Applied Science in Healthcare Services. I will graduate from ACC Fall of 2017 and then graduate from UHCL in Spring of 2018. I plan to continue my education and pursue my Masters in Healthcare Administration at UHCL after graduation. My long-term goal is to become a Director of Neurodiagnostics Services.


Ryan Nixon, SGA Representative

“Live your best life everyday, Love and Laugh often.”
Greetings my fellow healthcare majors! I’m Ryan Nixon. I am currently pursuing my Bachelors in Healthcare Administration and expect to graduate in December 2018. Following graduation, I hope to enter into graduate school with the long-term goal to be President of a hospital. I currently work as a Tissue Recovery Specialist at Lifegift. I find great meaning in my job knowing that I help improve the lives of countless people every day!

john image

John Miller, SGA Representative

Hey everyone! My name is John, I am currently pursuing a  Bachelors in Healthcare Administration. I hope to enter into academia and teach students all about healthcare administration. Before coming to UHCL, I served in the armed forces where I gained invaluable knowledge and skills in leadership.